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Cone Ring couplings are available in two options medium duty and heavy duty. They offer vastly improved torsional flexibility with a limited freedom of axial movement because of their series of rubber ‘conical section’ rings.

They are available with bore sizes up to 355mm diameter and a basic rated torque up to 188700 Nm. They accommodate all types of shaft misalignment met in normal operation, being a development of the old pin and bush design that it resembles in its simplicity and ease of dismantling. It differs fundamentally in the way its resilient material behaves by substituting the parallel bush with a series of rubber ‘conical section’ rings. This provides greatly improved torsional flexibility together with a limited freedom of axial movement of one connected shaft relative to the other.

Two options are available, Medium Duty and Heavy Duty. Medium duty couplings (types 612 and 614) are identical to heavy-duty couplings (types 611 and 613) except that they are supplied with only half the standard number of pin and ring assemblies. This enables a useful cost saving to be made when the size of the coupling is determined by the shaft diameter rather than the coupling's torque capacity.

Flexible Cone Ring couplings are also available with taper bushes (types 613 and 614) with bore sizes up to 125mm diameter, providing ease of assembly and dismantling together with flexibility to change shaft sizes by changing only the taper bushes.

Bore Sizes:          Up to 355 mm (14 in.)

Unit Torque:      Up to 188,700 Nm (1,670,00

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