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Teguflex FFI is a customary manufactured rubber bellow with full face rubber flanges. Designed for working pressure 6-10 bar and vacuum 0.8-1.0 bar as standard. Carbon steel vacuum rings inserted into the rubber (never in touch with the fluid) are integral to the design.

Other working pressure and/or vacuum rates on request. Integrated painted steel flanges as standard.

Building length 350/450 mm. Other lengths on request.

Typical Applications

For use in pressurized large sized pipe systems with requirements for small reaction forces, providing high reliability and long life. These expansion joints are suitable for large extension in axial, lateral or angular directions and they are used particularly in cooling water systems at power plants, in condensers, in gas and drinking water supply lines for pumps, turbines and boilers. They compensate for thermal elongation, correct misalignment, isolate vibrations, dampen noise and absorb pressure surges.

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