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Scots Bearings Ltd, Scotland’s official product partner of Dodge PT, proudly presents a totally different ball bearing with a name that says it all: DODGE GRIP TIGHT Adapter.

With its patent pending pull/push adapter system, fully concentric 360º inner ring, and completely interchangeable housing design, the new Dodge Grip Tight Adapter ball bearing is the easy-on/easy-off solution for damage-free shafting, reduced vibration and greater cost/inventory savings.

The Grip Tight Adapter is shaft-ready right out of the box and offered in a variety of housing styles for normal and medium duty operations. It accommodates commercial grade and some undersized shafting to lower costs, and all Grip Tight Adapter assemblies fit into a standard Dodge ball bearing housing. Plus, this Dodge bearing has been specifically engineered to run at higher speeds and operate cooler for longer grease life.

In test comparisons, the DODGE GRIP TIGHT Adapter bearing even proved it could suppress fretting corrosion and scarring to shafts and journals, thus saving not only time but added labour / maintenance costs.

Off-the-shelf and shaft ready, the DODGE GRIP TIGHT Adapter ball bearing is offered for normal and medium duty in a variety of styles, including pillow block; tapped base; two-, three-, and four-bolt  flange; piloted flange; take-up; and E-Z KLEEN designs. This versatility lets you select the proper GRIP TIGHT Adapter bearing for your specific application.

Features & Benefits:

  • Non-metallic retainer provides added strength.
  • Grade 10 balls promote quiet operation.
  • PROGUARD PLUS seal with flingers protects by keeping lubricants in, contaminants out.
  • Locknut/Inner-ring interface acts as bearing puller to ease disassembly
  • Available in 1/2” - 3-1/2” (17 mm - 70 mm) sizes, normal and medium duty
  • Runs at higher speeds
  • Self-Aligning
  • Operates cooler for longer grease life
  • Accommodates commercial grade and undersize shafting to lower costs

Less Product Inventory For Significant Cost Savings!

With the DODGE GRIP TIGHT Adapter ball bearing, you can reduce your inventory as much as 25% - 45%. Rather than inventory a complete line of individual bore sizes for each housing style, you can now purchase a housing assembly and adapters separately, with the adapter determining the bore size within a housing series.

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